Beginner Chinese Live: 1-on-1 Mandarin Chinese Language Tuition for K12 Students

Would you like to develop your children's linguistic skills, cultural awareness and critical thinking whilst providing them with the tools to communicate and excel on a global stage? 

To start learning Chinese 1-on-1 live online with the Institute of Chinese, simply choose your preferred monthly tuition session option. We'll assess your child's level & learning goals and provide you with your award-winning live online program of Mandarin Chinese language tuition with your personal native Chinese speaking professional tutor.

This immersive 1-on-1 live online Beginner Chinese tuition for K12 Students is recommended for young learners who wish to start learning Chinese with a highly structured & effective language learning system and to develop a foundation in Mandarin Chinese in a fun & highly interactive online environment!

Start learning Mandarin Chinese 1-on-1 Live Online with Beginner Chinese Live for Kids

Monthly Tuition Now Enrolling for Sept 2022

Our online Beginner Chinese tuition has been developed to provide your children with an interactive, educational & highly personalised Mandarin language learning experience & is part of our flagship YCT program and this tuition takes your children through a range of Chinese language concepts & topics that empower them to start communicating in Chinese. 

It's never been easier to get started learning & our live online beginner Chinese tuition for K12 Students has been developed to build a foundation in Chinese  in a fun & effective live online format using an accredited YCT curriculum aligned with the levels of the CEFR.

4/8/12 Sessions 

1-on-1 Live Online 25 Minute Sessions


Internationally recognised curriculum

1-on-1 Live Online

Native Chinese Speaking Professional Tutor

K12 Students

YCT (Youth Chinese Test) curriculum
"This is the ultimate program for K12 Students to start learning Chinese Live & consists of tailor-made 1-on-1 live online lessons, curated YCT vocabulary lists, sentence patterns & grammar lessons, in addition to bonus resources covering every aspect of the language."
Lauralee O'Donovan - Founder, Institute of Chinese

What your kids will learn on their 1-on-1 Beginner Chinese Live program

Your Beginner Chinese Learning Outcomes

 Everyday Greetings
- Using Polite Expressions
- Self-introductions & names
- Nationalities
- Talking about friends, family
- Expressing likes & dislikes
- Hobbies 
- Culture & Festivals

Your Extra Learning Bonuses & Methodology

- Personalised Chinese language learning toolkit 
- Regular Assessments & Parent Feedback
- Pronunciation practise, written & spoken Chinese exercises
- Chinese culture lessons
- Introduction to Chinese characters

1-on-1 Beginner Chinese Tuition for K12 Students

- Monthly Tuition Options
- YCT (Youth Chinese Test) Beginner Chinese curriculum for Children of all ages
- Highly Interactive Tuition
- Gamified Lessons
- YCT Vocabulary List
- Personal Tutor
- Certificate of Completion

About the Institute of Chinese | Learn Chinese Plus

Founded by Westerners, the Institute of Chinese has created a new way of learning Chinese for a new generation of digital language learners & we provide K12 Students, Teens & Adult language learners worldwide with award-winning, 1-on-1 live online Chinese language tuition & self paced video tutorial YCT & New HSK (3.0) courses with the world's best native Chinese speaking professional tutors.
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Award-winning Online Mandarin Chinese Language Tuition for K12 Students, Teens & Adults

By the end of this Beginner Chinese language program, your children will be able to communicate with confidence in Chinese. They will learn the foundational principles of the language in addition to the building block methodology of learning Chinese & they’ll have taken the first steps on their Chinese language learning journey.

Choose your Beginner Chinese Monthly Session Plan

1 SESSION/week


Your 1-on-1 live online Beginner Chinese lessons are 25 minutes in duration. Sessions are personalised to your learning goals & delivered at flexible times

Month to Month Tuition
  • 4 Live Online 1-on-1 Sessions
  • K12 Students Programs
  • 25 Minute Lessons

2/3+ SESSIONS/week


Simply contact us to create your customised 1-on-1 Beginner Chinese Live monthly session plan personalised to your learning goals & delivered at flexible times
  • 8/12+ Live Online 1-on-1 Sessions 
  • K12 Students Programs
  • 25 Minute Lessons

Start learning Chinese Live today


  • 1-on-1 Live Online Tutition
  • Tailor-made Lessons
  • 4/8/12 Session Bundle Monthly Tuition
  • New YCT curriculum
  • 1 Certificate of Completion

Award-winning Chinese Language Tuition

You can take the Institute of Chinese's award-winning online YCT & HSK programs as a self paced on-demand video courses

Chinese Language Program:
1-on-1 Beginner Chinese Live

We bring your Chinese tuition to life with 1-on-1 live lessons delivered by expert native Chinese speaking professional tutors

1-on-1 Live learning not for you? Start learning with video tutorials

Our students love us

"Mandarin Chinese is now my daughters new favourite subject and I'd like to thank the highly professional online teachers at the Institute of Chinese for such an enjoyable Chinese language course.”
Laura - Galway
"I've tried a number of one on one Chinese language tutoring platforms, but signing up to the Learn Chinese Plus platform has been a first class experience. Highly interactive and very well structured.”
David - Singapore
“The tutors are excellent. The personalised online lessons are the perfect duration for my girls and are packed with fun, vibrant and easy to follow teaching. I'm very happy to recommend Institute of Chinese."
Monica - London