What is the best way to learn Chinese online?

Jun 18 / Institute of Chinese | Learn Chinese Plus
Have you ever wanted to learn Mandarin Chinese & acquire the linguistic currency & skills to communicate with over 1.4 billion native Chinese speakers?

Would you like to develop your children's linguistic skills, cultural awareness and critical thinking whilst providing them with the tools to communicate and excel on a global stage?

Whether you want to learn a new language, master a new skill or for personal or professional purposes; there’s an abundance of highly compelling reasons to start learning this global language & it's never been easier to take action & get started learning Mandarin Chinese.

Why start learning this global language?

Chinese is one of the most ancient languages in use today, with over 5,000 years of fascinating culture, unique customs & rich traditions. So learning to speak Chinese opens you up to one of the most fascinating ancient civilisations in human history and one of the most diverse, vibrant & interesting cultures this world has to offer.

From a business perspective, China’s rapid economic growth has seen it become the fastest growing consumer market in the world. In addition to pioneering advances in AI, in e-commerce, manufacturing & the tech sector & a myriad of other high growth industries. So, if you are looking to develop in market business partnerships or gain market access; irrespective of your industry, learning to speak Mandarin Chinese will supercharge your path to success in the rapidly growing China market.

Learning a new language like Chinese enables you to boost your critical thinking and develop your linguistic & cultural skills. It also empowers you to expand your horizons and increase your opportunities to succeed on a global stage.

It's never been easier to get started learning Mandarin Chinese online

With language app's such as Duolingo, Memrise, Busuu & Babbel; online marketplaces that match students with private tutors such as iTalki & Preply; self-paced online courses on eLearning platforms such as Udemy and private one-on-one live online tutoring on platforms like VIPKid, LingoAce & Learn Chinese Plus; there are an abundance of ways to learn Mandarin Chinese.

In addition, you have a vast array of online and digital tools to enhance your language learning experience and to suit your schedule, budget & language learning requirements.

Chinese Live: 1-on-1 Online Private Tutoring

The Institute of Chinese has created a new way of learning Chinese for a new generation of digital language learners & we provide K12 Students, Teens & Adult language learners worldwide with award-winning, 1-on-1 live online Chinese language tuition & YCT & New HSK 3.0 courses with the world's best native Chinese speaking professional tutors.
If you haven't enrolled in a Chinese Live or Chinese On Demand self paced video tutorial course yet, this is the perfect place to start & you can choose any of our Chinese language programs and start learning new skills today.

On Demand Self-paced Video Tutorials

Udemy is the world's leading online learning and teaching marketplace with over 183,000 courses and 40 million students. As a global destination for online learning, Udemy connects people through knowledge & is the perfect place to start learning Chinese language skills fast with over 10,000 on demand Chinese language video tutorial courses to choose from to suit your budget & schedule. 

If you prefer self-paced learning to one-on-one live online private tutoring, you can now take the Institute of Chinese's award-winning live online New HSK 1 (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) Beginner Level 1 Chinese language program as a self paced video tutorial course on our Institute of Chinese platform or on Udemy! Our self-paced YCT courses for K12 Students are launching soon! 

About the Institute of Chinese | Learn Chinese Plus

The Institute of Chinese was founded by Westerners who experienced first hand how challenging it was to learn Chinese through traditional methods. This is why we created a new way of learning Chinese for a new generation of digital language learners. With this award-winning online Chinese language learning platform, we provide K12 Students, Teens & Adult learners worldwide with 1-on-1 live online YCT & New HSK 3.0 Chinese language tuition & self paced video tutorials with the world's best native Chinese speaking professional tutors.

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